Scalp Treatments & Hair Rebuilding Treatments

Your Arrival Experience

I will greet you at the front entrance of Salon Republic, take your temperature and escort you back to my suite.

Sanitation Ritual

All suites will be cleaned & disinfected for each guest.

Additional Information

Pricing is base pricing and can be subject to change based on length, thickness and overall condition of hair and scalp .


Require a video consult or consult with your service to determine starting treatment.

All services include a 5 minute crown lunar ritual.

Request a plain wrap service to omit this complimentary extra.

Crown Ritual Treatment with intuitive session

1.5 hours

Scalp treatment with appropriate oil treatment, Reiki on the upper 4 Chakras, mind body spirit card reading , crystal and pendulum work.

Shampoo and full styling


Herbal Detox scalp scrub

25.00 stand alone or add on 

55.00 with blow out 

Hui Hui scalp treatment


Micro Stimulation & Densifying treatment

50.00 stand alone 

75.00 with blow out

Series of 4 1 x per week 200.00 with standard blow dry 

Add 20 minute red light treatment : 20.00 

Purifying treatment for Dry/Oily Scalp Dandruff Treatment


With blow out 75.00 

Rebalancing Treatment for excessively oily scalps


with Blow Out 75.00

Soothing Scalp Treatment for sensitive , reddened or irritated skin


With blow out (not recommended) 85.00 

Rebuilding treatment

Chin length : 85.00 

Collarbone :  100.00 

Mid back : 150.00 

Waist : 200.00 

Extra product : 12.00 per 20 grams