Rave Reviews

I love getting to sit in her chair. We get to chat about things that matter and she makes me feel pretty. I leave feeling better on the inside and out. She is my hair magician.


Deidra was fantastic. I got a wonderful cut and style from her, and can’t wait for my next visit!
Rick N.

Deirdra is the absolute best. She brought my hair & scalp back from the brink of death. My hair was damaged & thinning, and with her help and recommendations, it’s been a complete turn around. I stick to basic cut & color but if you want all natural, cruelty-free, hair care, extensions, fun colors & cuts, etc…she’s your person. She’s a pro, a great teacher/educator, extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful person.


I almost don’t want to let people know how great Deirdra is. I know that once they find out they will only want her to do their hair and it might be hard for me to get in! I have been going to her for years and can’t imagine going to anyone else. She listens to your concerns and has a great eye for color and style. Love the safe, natural hair color and products that she uses.
Lyles Perkins

Ive been going to Deirdra for years because she is not only an amazing hairdresser but an awesome human. Even before COVID, she was using products that were healthier for her clients. Seeing her in this post COVID craziness, I truly believe she does everything she can to prevent exposure. Sent me a questionnaire the night before to ensure I was in good health. Only let me in to the salon when she was ready for me. Took my temperature, wore a mask (we both did) and sanitized all the tools when she was done. I hadn’t seen her in six months and it’s really a credit to her talent that my hair cut held up for that long – but oh man, do I feel better after getting a fresh cut today!

Deirdra is the best – color, cut, hair advice – wont ever change – been at least 25 years.

What a pleasure to see Deirdre again after a long hiatus. It was comforting to see all of the safety measures she has undertaken to keep her clients and herself healthy. As always my hair looks perfect again!
Sue Robin

My daughter and I went to Deirdra post covid. As always (even before covid) everything was clean and sanitized. My daughter needed a haircut and I needed color and a haircut. Both of us have allergies so we have to be careful of products and dyes. Deirdra is the only one I trust with her products as they are safe and hypoallergenic. Deirdra took her time, she cut, colored and styled and the end result was fabulous!

I have been going to Deirdra for over 15 years. Everything is always clean and my favorite of all is the products she uses. I am someone who is concerned with chemicals and she has many organic products, which is so incredibly comforting. Lastly, it’s important to me to be able to replicate (or try to) how she styles my hair and she will always teach me her techniques. She’s THE BEST! 🙂
Cecilia Lespron

I have been a client of Deirdra’s for about 15 years, and I’m here to tell you she is a brilliant colorist! And since she switched to all organic color even more so. Oh, and she’s an incredible cutter too! So if you live in the Santa Clarita area you now have a master hair goddess in your neighborhood, and if you live in the LA area like I do it’s more than worth the short drive out there. Her space in calm, pretty and zen and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the experience and the results!

Deirdra has been doing my hair since I believe 1992. She is the MOST amazing colorist!! I trust no one else!! I’ve been so blessed to have her fo so many years. Love you much my friend!!♥️♥️♥️

Deirdra was highly recommended by a friend with utterly cool hair. I “experienced” this amazing stylist/colorist in her own universe of immersive smells and sights. She then spent 5 hours with passionate detail making my very challenging hair into something wonderful! I can Now look in the mirror again…and Smile! I will be coming back and Highly recommend this great artist-She Listens and Creates! My fiancé can not wait to experience Deirdra! Thank You, and Bravo!!!
Ira Cord Rubnitz

Deirdra is just the best. She creates an unparalleled grounded energy in the room, and I am always over the moon about my hair!
Lisa D

Deirdra is literally the only person I can trust with my hair!

Deirdra has been doing my hair for several years and I have no desire to ever go anywhere else. Besides being a talented stylist and colorist she is open and engaging. She seems to always be expanding her knowledge and striving to be even better at what she does.


Deirdra is a master ! I get so many compliments on my color, and it feels great to know all her products are organic and non-toxic. It’s always a pleasure to be in her chair!

Deirdra is a fantastic colorist and stylist. I recommend her highly. She always gets my hair looking so beautiful. Consistently, completely satisfied with her services and she is an amazing human being! Very caring and really wants her clients to feel happy about their hair! Love her! I’d never go anywhere else!

Everyone needs to change the way they treat their hair. Deirdra only uses organic products and really knows everything about hair. Not only does she cut hair beautifully, she’s an amazing colorist and will get you the results you are looking for. She is at the forefront of doing hair organically and holistically. I will never go back to traditional hair coloring. Deirdre is always looking at new methods to treat hair with organic products. If you are looking to treat your hair without chemicals, you need to go to Deirdre.

Deirdra is amazing! She revived my hair and helped me to feel beautiful again, yet also respects and honors my low maintenance style preferences. My husband and I are loyal customers and would not think of going to another stylist! Highly recommend!
Kristine Shahine

In a short amount of time, Deirdra has completely revived and brought my hair back to life. Thus, bringing me back to life. It’s a Miserable state of being when another hairdresser ruins and kills your long blond hair by over processing, and all of your hair breaks & falls off. Within four months, Deirdra has completely reversed ALL the damage, educated me on holistic hair care, and filled my world with health and Light. To say I recommend her is an understatement. I love her dearly, not just as a professional, but as a Fantastic Empowered Women!!!
Valerie Whitlock

I am always honored to enter Deirdra’s shop as it is filled with her loving energy. My hair and spirit are renewed when I leave.
Sue Robin

Deidre is not just a great hairdresser, she is a great person. She is thoughtful and kind. She takes time to show you how to do the things she has done so you can keep the style you have looking good and she truly cares about her clients. I was so pleased and impressed with my first appointment, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
Lori O

The very best hair care to be found ❣️ I am indeed fortunate to now have Deidra with carefully chosen products and in-depth knowledge creating my healthy head of hair which had previously been damaged elsewhere. Deidra has over these recent years provided the healthier way for my new hair to grow vibrant and strong. I am grateful beyond words…xx

The best hairdresser in Los Angeles !!! Healthy , long , dazzling blonde hair because of her !!! Can’t recommend enough !!

Deirdra has been doing my hair for at least a decade, including on the day of my wedding. It is so hard to find a hair dresser that uses safe/chemical-free products and that you can trust completely to help you look your absolute best. She is incredibly talented, kind, generous and always creates a comfortable and relaxing environment in her salon. I always look forward to my appointments and our chats! Thank you for everything, Deirdra! xo
Erin Perri

Deirdra is truly a color wizard! She’s meticulous about the details, and uses her creativity to always bring about everything I’m looking for. It is always about the client. She delivers it all in a nurturing, calm environment, too.

Deirdra is truly an artist. I’ve been a client of hers for years, and I am so grateful she exists. It’s not just getting your hair done— it’s a healing experience. She doesn’t do one size fits all. She is pure magic!

Deirdra works her magic on my hair, every time I visit her.

I’ve been going to Dierdra for over 20 years!! I adore her and her talent is just amazing!!! She wonderful!!
Donna Sivatta

The only place and the only person where one finds the best healthiest hair care and hair love is here I won’t go anywhere else Thank you Love xx

Deidra does absolute magic every time I visit! She has helped me select a hair color that I feel great about, and is non-toxic!! I have curly hair which is tough to get cut right for me, but she has always done a bang-up job <3 My hair cut always grows out wonderfully!!!!!
Reece D.

My organic color lasts forever and my cuts keep me youthful!

I’ve been coming to Deirdra for years! She is the best in the business and is wonder with color.
Dana Kay

I have been going to Deidra for over 20 years and I have never had a bad experience. She is absolutely amazing with hair. I recently had hair loss due to a medical condition and she was able to recommend hair products that helped bring my hair back to life. I love my hair again thanks to her. She has a magic touch!

A goddess of gorgeous hair. Deirdra takes her time and insures that every client leaves feeling like her hair is perfect.

Just WOW❣️❣️ From the moment I first spoke with Deirdra, I was impressed by her professional and detailed approach. I had a nightmare experience with another hairdresser who’d over processed my hair so badly it came out in chunks, and I lost several inches. Heartbreaking, especially months before my wedding. She’s incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and talented. I just woke up, and my hair feels & looks just as amazing as it did after my appointment. I didn’t think it was possible!! I could cry. The color is gorgeous, the cut is sexy, and it’s silky soft. And it’s THE BEST & HEALTHIEST for my hair!! I HIGHLY recommend her. I’m never going anywhere else. #hairdresserforlife #grateful Thank You Ms D, Thank you for making me feel beautiful again.
Valerie Whitlock

The best hairstylist and colorist in all California!! Very professional , friendly and knowledgeable!!! My hair improved so much since she started taking care of it which was 4 years ago !! Wouldn’t change Deirdra for the world !! She is not a hairdresser but a true magician !! Highly recommend her services.
Kristiyana Dimova

I have been going to Deirdra at Organic Alchemy for a year and 9 months. She does a fantastic job. Love that she is open late for people who work and need late appointments. My hair feels so healthy.

Best haircut ever!
Sue Robin

I’ve been going to D for years. Once again she did not disappoint. I went in ashy and grey… came out shiny and 10years younger (according to my family) – Thank you once again.
M Dresel