Policies & Procedures


In an effort to better serve guests on my waitlist , appointments are now required to cancel or reschedule 48 hours prior to arrival in order to avoid a 50% fee which will be invoiced to your email. If you have booked your appointment with less than 24 hours between your booking time and scheduled appointment you are required to cancel 3 hours before your  service start time to avoid the late cancellation fee.


If you find you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so no less than 48 hours before your appointment in order to avoid a 25% fee which will be invoiced to your email. If you have booked your appointment with less than 24 hours between your booking time and scheduled appointment, you are required to reschedule 3 hours before your service start time to avoid the late rescheduling fee.

*** If a late reschedule turns into a cancellation , it will be treated and charged as that cancellation . This will result in an additional charge for the remaining balance of the cancellation . Because the 25% rescheduling fee is invoiced soon after a late reschedule an additional 25% charge will be invoiced if there is failure to reschedule .


Not showing up for your scheduled appointment without contacting me will result in an invoice sent to your email for the FULL AMOUNT of the service hours booked .Rescheduling will only happen after the invoice is paid.  Guests who no show on more than one occasion will not be able to stay in my clientele.


Traffic is bad right now. Whatever way you come to see me . I’m currently allowing a 2 hour window for myself to arrive at any of my out of town locations -so I get it. It happens and it’s really stressful . That being said – more than 15 minutes will either need to be rescheduled or receive an abbreviated service to accommodate clients arriving on time. Chronic tardiness may be subject to a 25% late rescheduling fee.


We are fully open . You can walk into Salon Republic and straight to my suite. Masks are optional .

If you have been exposed or are presenting any type of symptoms for cold, flu or allergies please reschedule . If you show up sick or have been potentially exposed to a coworker of family member who is ill you will be rescheduled and charged a full cancellation fee .


If you find yourself unsure of the service you need once you arrive please understand that I have booked a specific amount of time for the service you asked for initially . I am available for Zoom or FaceTime consults  prior to booking if needed. I won’t be able to accommodate last minute add ons or service changes day of unless I have a last minute cancellation after your scheduled time. We will need to book another appointment if there will be add ons or changes – we will use the time we have scheduled to do as much of the service change as allowed – or abbreviate the service finish.