Happy New Year !!!!

Whats up for January :

First we are currently in our first of 4 Mercury RX’s . This one started on Dec 29th and goes on until January 18th . The first 3 will be in Earth signs . Your best plan is to ground and center . Nature will be your guide. Get your feet on Pachamama when ever you feel like its all just a bit much . Dig deep on the patience front and go over all the things with a fine tooth comb and a microscope.

Mars is still in retrograde from back in October of 2022 and will be going direct on January 12th . Mind your words – especially right now while we are in this first Mercury RX . Lets reserve the SDE for our inside voice.

Our first Full Moon of the year hits on January 6th and it will be in Cancer at 16 degrees. If you would like to schedule yourself for a Lunar Hair Ceremony Ritual Haircut and Scalp Treatment I still have a couple of available appointments left for this lunation!

The first New Moon is January 21st and will be in Aquarius at 1 degree. There are one or two spots left to schedule for a New Moon Lunar Hair Ritual as well .

Jupiter will be hanging out in Aries until May . Take advantage and blaze that trail , take the lead and stand out .

Check back in February for an update on what’s influencing us in the skies.