Have you ever used a root concealer spray to buy yourself a few weeks in between your root touch up appointments ? Maybe you have even layered the spray over itself instead of washing and reapplying.

I get it .I really do.

I love that there is a good solution for those of you whose hair either grows very rapidly or your regrowth is depigmented enough and your color of choice is dark enough that the regrowth line appears within the first week of getting your color done in salon.

The pro to these products is getting that extra couple of weeks in before you head back to the salon. Or being able to get photos taken without retouching or even heading into that surprise meeting that popped up before your next salon visit. It’s also easier on the budget . Typically one purchased root concealer will last 3 months or more depending on how you use it .

Lets talk about the cons when the product is not properly removed from the hair prior to having a color service done :

  1. The most important for color : when residue is left on the hair shaft from the concealer spray , color pigment molecules will attach to that residue that is stuck on the hair shaft and will wash out fairly quickly leaving a faded look to your freshly colored roots . Colorists tend to refer to this as “ghosting” . It’s not the color or your colorist that isn’t doing the job – it’s that you didn’t clean your hair properly before the appointment .
    • The most important for those you who are experiencing hair loss or excessive shedding : when the concealer is not cleaned off the hair and scalp properly it will clog your follicles which can lead to more hair loss issues . Especially when you are using a spray that has fibers in it as well as pigment .

How to prep for your color service :

  1. At least one week prior , do a clarifying treatment with Malibu Un Do Goo shampoo to remove as much of your root concealer as possible.
  2. Replace your spray on concealer with a less dense concealer like Madison Reed or Color Wow powder .
  3. Wash your hair in between reapplications .
  4. The night before your appointment , do a hot oil treatment followed by either a Malibu Color Prepare treatment or a Malibu Un Do Goo Chelating treatment .
  5. Wear a hat or scarf the day of your appointment rather than reapply so your colorist has clean dry hair to work on .
  6. If these steps are not doable , make sure you have scheduled a clarifying treatment prior to your color service the day of . These can add an additional 30 to 60 minutes to your appointment and are considered an add on service .

If you follow these steps you could avoid a redo of your color service and also keep from drying out your hair and scalp with an overload of sticky product .

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My recommendations for Spray On Concealers :

Style Edit : https://amzn.to/3Q6jIJ6

REF : https://amzn.to/3IfT3aJ

My recommendations for Powder Concealers :

Color Wow : https://amzn.to/3VBYkfY

Madison Reed : https://amzn.to/3WEJCWX

My recommended Oil Treatment:

JOJOBA OIL : https://amzn.to/3WBjBry

My Recommendations for clarifying :

Malibu UNDO GOO :  https://amzn.to/3IfT4LO

MALIBU Color Prepare : https://amzn.to/3WSTDPW

10 volume Developer : https://amzn.to/3WENGX3

My recipe for Chelation :

My best recommendation : apply half an ounce of oil to your hairline and crown at the roots , microwave a damp towel for 1 minute and wrap your head in that towel and then cover with a plastic bag . Let sit for 15 minutes . Mix 2 ounces of Un Do Goo to 1 capful of 10 volume developer , apply over the oil and let sit for 5 minutes , add water and emulsify and then rinse . Follow instructions on the Color Prepare packet . Condition and either air dry or blow dry . Do this at least 12 hours before your color appointment .

Disclaimer : I am an Amazon Affiliate and make a minor commission on any products purchased through the above links.