Cezanne Plant Keratin Treatments

Your Arrival Experience

I will greet you at the front entrance of Salon Republic, take your temperature and escort you back to my suite.

Sanitation Ritual

All suites will be cleaned & disinfected for each guest.

Additional Information

Pricing is base pricing and can be subject to change based on length, thickness and overall condition of hair and scalp .


Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatment

100 % Formaldehyde and Aldehye Free smoothing service designed to reduce frizz . This service typically lasts 3 months and depending on how the after care is handled has been shown to last up to 5 months. Pricing is based on an hourly rate of $100 per hour . Service is 1.5 to 3.5 hours typically and is dependent on hair length, thickness, texture and porosity. A consulation will always precede this service and a demineralization treatment may be required prior to application.


Cezanne Express Treatment

Lasting up to 6 weeks – an excellent option for those who are limited on time or budget . An excellent way to dip your feet into non chemical keratin treatments. Average time in salon is 1. 5 hours. Rate is hourly . 100 per hour. Consultation is required prior to service for any new clients. Demineralization treatment my be required prior to start of service.


Cezanne Instant Keratin Treatment

An ultra fast, spray in treatment that brings your hair back to it’s ideal,most beautiful condition. Treatment takes 45 – 60 minutes and the results can last up to 6 weeks. Ideal for the client wanting to put a toe into the Keratin treatment waters before making a longer commitment. Price is dependant on length, thickness, porosity and condition of hair. Consultation required for any new clients. Demineralization treatment may be required prior to service.


HNectar Root Retouch and Ends