Akashic Scalp Treatment & Journey

Available in Suite or remotely via Zoom, Facetime or phone call .


Time commitment : 1.5 hours

Typically in suite custom blend is included in session. Extra items are subject to additional charge

In Person

Take a traditional scalp treatment to the next level .

Upon arrival we will take a moment to ground and get intentional . I will work with your etheric body and take you through each Chakra center on a guided meditation to the Akashic Realm .

Once in Akasha we will journey to my Akashic hair salon where you will be introduced to your Akashic Hair Guide . You will be directed to commune with your guide while I perform a hands on scalp treatment . Once your hands on treatment is done you will be guided to the Apothecary to choose the ingredients your guide has chosen for you for this moment in time.

I will bring you back out of Akasha and we will end the energy session. We will discuss what you were called to choose and I will customize a take home tea, bath soak or oil. I collaborate with a certified Herbalist as well and if needed I will have you fill out an intake form and have her develop a customized product for you after I have shared your session with her.

Many times more than scalp care will present and that is when I will refer you to either a Naturopthaic Doctor or a Certified Herbalist .

My Akashic Experience

I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have to say it was an amazing experience.

I am roughly 2,198 miles away from Deirdra, physically speaking, (I checked the mileage, lol) – and I literally felt her fingers on my scalp during our remote session.

I have a lot of thinning hair challenges, and after the session, Deirdra gave me specific instructions – the most important one being that I have too much tension because I’m either grinding my teeth or I press my tongue hard on the roof of my mouth (which I did not think I do…but I TOTALLY DO, and I do it all the time!)

I have to add here that Deirdra and I have NEVER met in person. I am BLOWN AWAY by doing an Akashic Scalp Treatment with her, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Next time, in person for sure!!